Among all automation tools, Appium is one of the popular open source, cross-platform mobile app automation testing frameworks developed and supported to automate native, hybrid and mobile web applications (support iOS and Android OS). Appium employs the Selenium WebDriver JSON protocol to regulate the automation API across the two platforms and three app types. Since it uses the Selenium JSON Wire Protocol, user can write the test in any language supported by Selenium, like; Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C#, etc.
Appium Centre of Excellence


Our Success Story

Automated about 80% of the test cases within 10 weeks for a iOS and Android based gaming application using Appium

Customer challenges

  • No specific tool that is a direct fit for the customer needs
  • Daily builds
  • Insufficient regression coverage
  • Predictability and confidence


Helped them identify the tool to be used for test automation by doing a POC where we compared tools like Selenium Robotium, Ranorex and Appium.

Chose Appium as it allowed us to automated majority of the developed test cases.

Helped the customer develop 350 test cases to validate the application on Android and iOS.

Automated about 80% of the test cases within 10 weeks’ time and executed automation successfully for daily builds.


  • Automation testing of mobile apps, which wasn’t considered straightforward
  • Improved regression coverage, enhancing confidence levels of the delivery
  • Quick Return on Investment with reduced reworking costs of the app
  • Customer has made automation testing a component of future app development

Z-automate – Assured 40% savings in automation investment

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