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Software Testing is going through some fundamental changes on the execution, philosophy, best practices and tools and it is largely driven by software complexities and faster time to market. In future, the word software testing is going to be obsolete and there will be only one term – Test Automation. Yes, Zado believes that the test automation is here to stay and open source tools will be dominating the next decade.

Many larger organizations are moving towards Quality center of excellence model (CoE), which deals with identifying the right tools and best practices to improve overall test efficiency & quality effectiveness. Zado follows the same footprints of Centers of excellence model where we combine our strengths in test automation and our philosophy of supporting the open source community to offer Open Source Test Automation CoE. Be it mobile explosion or cloud applications or Agile and its clones Behavior Driven Testing & Test driven development or Internet-of-things, Zado’s focus on test automation is co-jointed with these industry strengths and successful quality organizations in the future will be the ones who have an arsenal of skills for many technologies and test automation tools and hit the business too early to nullify the effects of competition.

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