Zado’s Framework

Test automation saves time and money and it is imperative to make automated software testing as a key component for all future agile focused software development and trend oriented internet of things age. Though the benefits of Automation testing is unlimited, there is a fundamental principle that 100% automation is not possible and would require Manual testing efforts. Manual Testers execute test cases without using any automation tools. How Organizations can manage the right investment and knowledge balance between Manual Testing and Test Automation? There is a holistic approach to this problem statement – Manual testers can perform automation testing without the tool knowledge. Zado’s Test Automation framework has the capability to do that. Please attend our one on one demo session to be part of our innovation journey. Yes, we need our end customer’s help to refine this, debate this and make it work better.

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Pioneer in Internet Retailing space leverages Zado’s Test Automation CoE

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Our Success Story – Automation testing of green-field payments solution software

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